Data Fellowship Program

Develop your data skills on a placement with Data61 or partners, by working projects to develop solutions with practical applications and benefits for Australia.

About the program

The Data Fellowship Program gives APS data specialists a chance to work with Data61 or other partner organisations on innovative data science research and engineering projects. 

To be considered for the program:

  • you must be an APS or Commonwealth employee  
  • you are interested in building data skills within your agency, and share what you've learned to raise the digital capability of your team.

The data fellowship is a 3-month full-time placement, with up to 10 fellowships possible.

Placement locations

Successful participants are usually placed at their closest Data61 location, or at one of Data61's partner organisations. Data61 has offices in most major cities in Australia as well as some regional locations. 

There is no guarantees on whether you will be placed with Data61 or their partner organisations - these will be negotiated after participants have been selected.

Benefits of the program

This is a great opportunity to be at the forefront of work in solving data-driven challenges. These challenges can cover some of the nation's major concerns, such as sustainability. You will be learning new skills and knowledge based on real-world concerns.

There's no cost to be on the program. Your agency will continue to pay your salaries, superannuation and entitlements. You will have your travel and accommodation costs reimbursed.

Learning opportunities

Projects may include activities such as data analysis, forecasting or developing application programming interfaces (APIs).

Applying for the program

Positions are advertised online by the DTA. 

In your application, you’ll need to make sure you:

  • have approval from your agency’s Data Champion or a senior executive (SES Band 1 equivalent or above)
  • can start your project within 3 months of the application closing date

You’ll also need to include:

  • the name of your Data Champion or senior executive
  • the name of your current supervisor
  • your preferred placement start date and location
  • details of your data-related project proposal and technical skillset
  • your up-to-date resume

Selection process

The selection committee are made up by people from the DTA, Data61 and the chair of the Data Champions Network.

Step 1: Your application is assessed by the committee using the following selection criteria:

  • scope and quality of your data-related problem or opportunity
  • feasibility of finding a solution to your problem or opportunity within the 3-month placement
  • skills and experience needed to solve the problem within the 3-month placement
  • how easy it would be to apply the solution on a larger scale
  • how the placement could improve your data capabilities and personal development
  • how you could share the skills and capabilities learnt with your home agency
  • benefit to other Australian government agencies
  • benefit to state, territory or local governments

Step 2: If you are shortlisted, you will have an interview by webcam or phone. This will assess your suitability for the placement and the feasibility of your project.  

Step 3: If you are successful, you will be contacted by email. The DTA and Data61 will talk with your agency to decide a start date for your placement. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions you can send an email to